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How to Todoist (3 basic tips)

Todoist Introduction

Todoist is my foundational task management app. It functions as my second brain so that I can unload all the unnecessary details in my life to it. And most importantly, allow me to focus on what will help move me forwards.

Moving forward for students may mean an improvement in their grades. For working professionals, an advancement in their career. For others, closer to happiness in life, perhaps.

I see it as my digital assistant. Who will be there by my side taking notes and keeping my tasks of the day, week as well as months ahead in order. If it is there for me from the moment I wake till the moment I plonk onto my bed, how much will it charge if it were a person?

That is also the reason why I am willing to shell out USD4/month to have this luxury. It’s a steal for the value that it brings. More importantly, paying for the pro version of the service brings more productivity power. And to top if off, I can continue to contribute to their survival so that they can continue to help me daily.


Basic tip 1 ⌲ no app needed!

Whilst I can go on all day long talking about why the app is fantastical, the focus here is on how to use it.

And interestingly, you don’t have to even download the app. On my Mac, I use LibreWolf to access it. This is a web browser that is a fork of FireFox with privacy settings active by default. So I open a browser tab, go to Todoist URL and sign in and viola, I am good to go.

On my iPhone, I go to ⓵ Safari, Todoist login website. ⓶ tap on the share button, then choose ⓷ Add to Home Screen. ⓸ Label it Todoist and then press Add.

You will now see the ‘App’ on your home screen but in actual fact, it is a webpage bookmark you can open. This way you do not need to update anything, it takes less system resources to run and is more private. If you want to read more about it, this is known as progressive web app (PWA).

Basic tip 2 ⌲ Adding a task

Familiarize with adding a task. In Todoist, this is thankfully quite easy and something that you should do the moment you have a task in mind.

This is because, you’d want to offload it onto Todoist asap. Otherwise, you end up forgetting about it defeating the purpose of having the tool in the first place. If you write it down somewhere else, you will end up losing track of the tasks you need to attend to. Once again missing the point of having the tool.

If you are using it on a browser, you can use the shortcut key typing the letter Q. Or click the + Add task sign. If you do decide to install the app on your phone, you can add the Todoist widget that allows you to add tasks even faster without opening the app or unlocking your phone.

All new tasks should go to the Inbox. Everyday before the end of the day (some prefer to do it at the start of the day), sort them out either by completing them or assign them to the right project. For the latter, add clearer details of the task you are planning to complete in the future. I will describe how to do so in a future guide.

Basic tip 3 ⌲ enable 2FA, if…

Although this is not necessary but it is super important!

If Todoist is going to be your second brain, then you better secure it well. This is to prevent unwanted intrusion into your digital space.

I do so by opening the settings first typing the letter O and then following up with the letter S. Once you are in, you will immediately be in the first tab Account where you can turn on 2 Factor Authentication and proceed with the instructions.

After confirmation, the next time you log in, you will be need to input the 6 number code after you input your email and password. This code is the one your authenticating app generates.

If you do not know what is 2FA, DO NOT activate 2FA yet. I will create another how-to guide in the future.


Todoist Bottomline

With its intuitive interface, Todoist makes it easy for anyone to prioritize their tasks, set deadlines, and track their progress. This allows it to help users manage their time more effectively. More importantly, help users blast through productivity plateaus.

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